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Cost of an Implant Explained

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Cost of an Implant

Cost of an ImplantWhen someone loses or damages a tooth, many people refuse better treatment due to the cost of an implant. However, a missing tooth can be an alarmingly wide-scale problem. The depth of the issue extends beyond simply being cosmetic or financial, as it becomes difficult to eat foods normally or even cause slurring of speech. The issue only intensifies over time as other teeth fall out after the original tooth loss, making the situation increasingly critical. A dental implant is the closest replacement there is to a natural tooth. This makes them the best substitute despite the cost of an implant. Unlike other replacements, however, dental implants are permanent, making them worth the expense.

Alternatives and Their Costs

Compared to the cost of an implant, other alternatives to implants are frequently less expensive. However, they each have their own downsides. Tooth-supported fixed bridges are difficult to floss, causing them to be susceptible to decay. They often fail after 5-10 years because of this. Resin-bonded bridges don’t function or last as long as implants do, often popping loose or falling out. Both removable partial dentures and complete dentures have the same drawback, in which the bone underneath the denture decays, permanently changing the appearance of both your smile and face. Compared to these limitations, the cost of an implant is much more desirable.

The Cost of an Implant and the Process

The average cost of an implant in its entirety will often run between $1,700 and $1,800. The first step to reviving your smile is the implant itself. The implant is a metal post which the crown is bonded to later on. Before the initial implant can be embedded, the damaged tooth must be extracted if it hasn’t been already. The second and final step is placing the crown on the implant. This process usually takes about an hour for a single implant, and more implants will often increase the length. The functionality and durability often outweigh the cost of an implant, easily making it the best option to replace a damaged or missing tooth.

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