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False Teeth Types and Facts

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What are False Teeth?False Teeth Emblem

Many people have questions about how they can replace lost teeth. Prostheses made to replace one or several teeth are false teeth. They have numerous benefits, such as improving your speech, enhancing eating abilities, and protecting your other teeth. Different kinds of false teeth include dentures, dental implants, and bridges.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are false teeth which are installed during two steps. The first step is the initial implant, a metal post to act as the artificial root for the false tooth. The second step is adhering tooth-shaped piece of ceramic known as a crown to the implant. Implants are available for either one tooth or as a dental bridge for multiple adjacent teeth. Dental implants are usually more expensive than other kinds of false teeth, but also tend to last longer.

Dental Bridges

These false teeth, sometimes called fixed partial dentures, usually replace multiple, side-by-side teeth. Some bridges attach to other healthy teeth, called abutment teeth, to replace the missing teeth in-between the abutment teeth. It is also possible to place the bridge on an implant, as mentioned earlier. The prices of dental bridges vary depending on how many teeth they attach to or replace.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are false teeth for when someone still has several teeth remaining. They often clip to these remaining teeth to hold them in place, although they do not fully cover the remaining teeth like a bridge would. The clips may be visible while talking, although it is possible to color them to blend in with your other teeth. However, dentures require cleaning regularly. Another option for partial dentures are flexible dentures, which are more comfortable and do not clip to the other teeth. They are also somewhat more expensive than regular partial dentures.

Full Dentures & Removable Dentures

When there are no longer any teeth to clip partial dentures to, full dentures are a good option. The dentures attach to a plate which sits behind your gums. The plate is typically difficult to see since it usually hides behind the false teeth. Removable dentures are usable as either partial or full dentures, and are less expensive and easier to clean than other types of dentures. They also slip out of place easier than other dentures.

As always, feel free to call or email us with any additional questions. WebMD can also be a good source.

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